How Warmly scaled integrations to 100+ customers with Supaglue

Warmly is an autonomous sales orchestration platform that helps sales and marketing teams convert website visitors instantly.


Warmly needed to provide CRM integrations to deliver crucial product capabilities to new and existing customers, but building integrations in-house required significant engineering resources and time that they didn’t have.


Warmly set up HubSpot and Salesforce integrations with Supaglue in a matter of weeks with minimal effort. Since then, they have scaled from 0 to 100+ customers on CRM integrations in less than 6 months. Today, Supaglue powers hundreds of CRM and sales engagement connections for Warmly, accelerating their integrations roadmap and enabling their engineering team to focus on building core product features.

Key points
  • Warmly initially used Supaglue to power its native HubSpot and Salesforce integrations to save 3 months of time and engineering effort.
  • WIthin 6 months, Warmly has scaled to 100+ customers and added additional CRM and sales engagement integrations, all powered by Supaglue.
  • With Supaglue, Warmly’s integrations have become a competitive advantage that has driven incremental growth and revenue.

In search of an integrations platform

In early 2023, Warmly had a product that helped sales and marketing teams engage new leads as soon as they landed on their websites. But customers needed a native CRM integration to bi-directionally sync leads from Warmly into their existing HubSpot or Salesforce instances, where they would be picked up by existing sales and marketing workflows. Both new and existing customers were waiting on these integrations, so it was important to deliver them as quickly as possible.

Warmly initially began building a HubSpot integration in-house but quickly realized the significant cost and complexity of learning 3rd party APIs, normalizing data schemas, and syncing large volumes of data across multiple CRMs. Building and managing a growing list of product integrations would require dedicating a full-time engineer in perpetuity.

Supaglue helps us circumvent the task of building a bi-directional sync with HubSpot and Salesforce, so we don’t have to.

- Daniel Wallace, Software Engineer

After evaluating providers, Warmly chose Supaglue due to its developer-first unified API, its focus on sales and GTM SaaS integrations, and its team’s white-glove support.

Integrating with Supaglue and reducing time spent on integrations by 75%

Integrating with Supaglue took two weeks to set up bi-directional syncs for the initial HubSpot and Salesforce integrations, and Warmly onboarded its first customers shortly thereafter. This was more than a month ahead of schedule and required minimal effort from Warmly’s engineers.

Warmly saw more benefits working with Supaglue when a new customer asked for a new CRM integration (Pipedrive). Because Supaglue unifies data models and API endpoints across different CRM providers and provides a managed service for syncing data, it was simple for Warmly to add support for Pipedrive in a matter of days.

Working with Supaglue has helped us save months of development time, unlock new customers, and focus on executing against our core roadmap.

- Carina Boo, co-founder and CPO

A couple months later, Warmly decided to add native sales engagement integrations to their product, so they could streamline the customer workflow by adding qualified website leads to existing email sequences automatically. In a week, they were able to integrate with Supaglue’s unified engagement API and support their customers with Outreach, Salesloft, and Apollo integrations.

Overall, Warmly has been able to cut down time spent on integrations by 75%, translating to months of engineering time savings (and growing).

Delivering for customers and scaling without fear

Integrations are now core to Warmly’s product experience, and in the past 6 months, its team has scaled CRM and sales engagement integrations to 100+ customers.

As Warmly has grown its customer base, Supaglue’s platform has taken care of scaling data volumes and handling edge cases arising from custom CRM implementations and permissions, so Warmly’s engineers could focus on building the core product. When questions and new feature requests have come up, Supaglue’s team has responded quickly and delivered a white-glove support, creating better experiences for Warmly’s customers.

Supaglue has felt like an extension of our engineering team. They always go above and beyond to ensure integrations are smooth and frictionless.

- Alex Batis, Head of Engineering

With Supaglue, Warmly has been able to close and onboard all kinds of customers (from early-stage startups to public companies) onto its platform reliably and with confidence, and turn integrations into a competitive advantage.

Accelerate your integrations roadmap with Supaglue

Accelerate your integrations roadmap with Supaglue

Learn how Warmly used Supaglue to scale CRM and sales engagement integrations from 0-100+ customers and reduce engineering time on integrations by 75%.”