The open source platform for user-facing integrations

Supaglue is a developer platform for building native product integrations with your customers’ SaaS. Get started in minutes and accelerate your integrations roadmap today.

Trusted by modern B2B SaaS startups

How to integrate 

Managed syncs

Sync customer data to your application

Supaglue continuously syncs your customers' data into your application database or data warehouse. Enjoy native support for multi-tenancy, common schemas, and customer-specific mappings.

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Read and write with a single API

Supaglue provides a unified API that helps you read and write to many providers at the same time. Let us take care of provider-specific APIs, error messages, and data models.

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Powering modern SaaS 

Prospecting copilot

Let users enroll prospects into email sequences from your app or browser extension with just one click. Create new leads and associated accounts in your customer's CRM.

Sales enablement

Enable teams to manage their CRM through modern web or mobile interfaces. Provide real-time views of your customers' sales pipelines, activities, and key metrics.

Marketing automation

Create personalized email and campaigns in your customers' marketing automation platform, or log messages your app delivers to your customer's CRM.

Revenue intelligence

Sync customer data to your data warehouse to power forecasting and lead scoring models, then push the results back to the CRM as custom fields and objects.

Trusted by developers 

Supaglue helps us circumvent the task of building a bi-directional sync between HubSpot and Salesforce, allowing us to focus on building features instrumental in attracting new customers. They always go above and beyond to ensure integrations are smooth and frictionless.

Using Supaglue for our CRM integrations has allowed us to save weeks of developer time and onboard customers 3x faster, accelerating our integrations roadmap and increasing our product stickiness with our customers.

Customer-facing integrations are time-consuming to build and difficult to maintain as you scale. Supaglue's configuration-based, API-first approach helps developers ship go-to-market SaaS integrations in a fraction of the time.

Supaglue’s configuration-based approach to product integrations gives application developers the speed and agility to get up and running in hours, without sacrificing the control and flexibility required for deeper integrations.

Secure and open source 

GDPR Compliant

Supaglue is GDPR compliant.

SOC 2 Compliant

Supaglue is SOC 2 Type I certified. Your sensitive customer data is safe and secure with us.

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